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With experience in all aspects of product development and promotion I can offer a full end to end service or any function within the chain. I am comfortable with managing large projects and enthusiastic developing small one-off graphics.

My hourly rate is £40/hr

Logos are usually around £350+
Cross sections from £200 - £500
For Product design, Art Direction, Websites and Image renders please contact me to discuss.

I am happy provide estimates any sized projects. Invoices are issued on completion or monthly which ever comes first.

For genuine enviro-friendly or conservation design projects I offer a 20% discount.


Contact info

I am based in Braunton, North Devon, UK.

We have some pretty good surf here when the conditions are right so if you want to arrange a meeting as a cover for going surfing, please feel free.

Alternatively I can take skype calls and emails on the details below.

Email - phil@philipbridgesdesign.com
Skype - philipbridgesdesign
Phone: +44 07863 134300

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