• Impact Vest <BR/>Red Bull Brazil

    Impact Vest
    Red Bull Brazil

    Commissioned by Red Bull Brazil for XXL winner Maya Gabeira. Developed with Rob Legge at Tiki, based on the design we built for Andrew Cotton. Uses fixed floatation to function even when the wearer is unconscious.

  • Tow Board  <BR/>Tiki Surfboards

    Tow Board
    Tiki Surfboards

    Developed with shaper Bruce McKee and constructed in vacuum moulded HD-EPS, Bamboo and Carbon with lead inserts. The weight is around 4 times that of an ordinary surfboard. Used at Nazare by Andrew Cotton and Mullaghmore by Hugo Vau, Barry Mottershead and Conor Maguire.

  • Wetsuit design <BR/>Tiki Wetsuits

    Wetsuit design
    Tiki Wetsuits

    These are the latest cutting edge wetsuit designs for Tiki International. The Zepha 2 was designed with Andrew Cotton and has been tested in waves over 50ft in the North Atlantic winter.

  • Impact Vest <BR/>Red Bull

    Impact Vest
    Red Bull

    Commissioned by Red Bull UK for XXL surfer Andrew Cotton. Developed with Rob Legge at Tiki and Andrew Cotton, this is the 3rd version which Red Bull commissioned and co-branded. Image credit: Richie Hopson/Red Bull Content Pool.