Cross Sections

  • Cross Section <BR/>Resin8 Surfboards

    Cross Section
    Resin8 Surfboards

    The RS8 model was one of the most technically complex on the market at the time. The validity of new technology often relies on acceptance within the market. In the highly conservative surfboard market it was imperative to make the technology as easy to understand as possible.

  • Cross Section <BR/>Tiki Surfboards

    Cross Section
    Tiki Surfboards

    Exploding the layered construction explains the material make-up of a product and can be one of the best ways to show the USP of a tech item. It can also show where the cost lies. Being able to ‘see’ where the cost is adds value to a product and reassurance to the buyer.

  • Cross Section <BR/>Torq Surfboards

    Cross Section
    Torq Surfboards

    Torq’s strongest selling point is the quality of their construction. Their target market is entry level to intermediate surfers, who often lack the technical knowledge of a more experienced surfer. Cue communication of the tech and tech benefits

  • Cross Section <BR/>Jones Snowboards

    Cross Section
    Jones Snowboards

    Jones are the industry leading snowboard brand led by freeriding legend Jeremy Jones. Their boards offer un-matched technology which this illustration is designed to communicate to the customer. “This is amazing!” Xavier Nidecker - Brand Manager