• Branding/Sponsorship <BR />Tiki Wetsuits

    Tiki Wetsuits

    Branding should not be limited to a logo. A successful branding project incorporates logo, visual style, brand values and more. The signing of Andrew Cotton; the UK’s best cold water, big wave surfer, for Tiki wetsuits; a UK based wetsuit brand making cold water wetsuits is a great example.

  • Website/Branding  <BR/>Torq Surfboards

    Torq Surfboards

    Torq is one of the largest selling surfboard brands in the world. Their market is entry level to high intermediate with a USP of technology and price. The key to their success is largely the creation of the brand image as a high end premium brand and the clear communication of their technological superiority.

  • Branding <BR/>Museum of British Surfing

    Museum of British Surfing

    I was extremely honoured to be selected to create the Museum of British Surfing identity. The brief was a design that was inherently British, with the weight and gravitas of an establishment but equally anti-establishment to suit the surf roots.